Since early 2010, Dean has been cross-training on the ElliptiGO, the world's first outdoor elliptical bicycle. On the ElliptiGO, he gets a high-intensity, low-impact workout -- perfect for training or recovery days when he wants to give his joints a rest, but still improve his cardio-vascular fitness.

Dean also thinks riding the ElliptiGO is exhilarating and fun, and he loves setting new endurance records on his ElliptiGO. In March, he rode his ElliptiGO from his house in the San Francisco Bay Area to the starting line of the LA Marathon in Los Angeles -- 500 miles in 5 days -- and then ran the LA Marathon!

For more information about the ElliptiGO and to see videos of Dean on the 'GO, please visit:



Dean enjoys stand up paddling (SUP) in both open water and in the waves. If you haven't tried it, SUP is a terrific upper body and core workout, not to mention a blast to do! The really great thing about the sport is that it's accessible wherever there's water.